Boston Branding Photography with Peace Love Food

Sarah and I had the most fun time with the women of Peace Love Food Nutrition Counseling. We were asked to photograph concepts for their upcoming website including headshots, cooking, details, etc. Lots of work and energy goes into branding photoshoots (styling, hair, makeup, concepts, scouting) so I’d love to take the time to thank everyone for their time and dedication to this project! With the right kind of preparation we rocked the day!

Jackie + Mark's Wellesley, MA Engagement Session

Jackie and Mark had the sweetest engagement photos taken at a beautiful park in Wellesley, MA with their two pups. The light was amazing and after all the rain we’ve been having we were ready to finally be outside making photos! These two love birds are tying the knot at the beautiful Gardens at Elm Bank this fall and I can’t wait! Enjoy a sneak peek at their session and happy hump day!

Tips For Making The Best Of Your Interior Design Photo Shoot


Tips for how to Prepare for an Interior Design Photoshoot:

We work with interior designers, builders and architects to create magnificent images of styled and beautifully designed homes. Here is a list of tips that help our interior (and exterior) shoots run smoothly!


Before the photoshoot:

  • Schedule your shoot with plenty of notice for the homeowner. Typically homeowners do not need to be present and often a shoot will move faster and more expeditiously if we can work quickly in their space without being in the way of daily life.

  • Enlist the help of a professional cleaner to have the home or specific rooms cleaned and tidied in advance of the shoot. Having beds neatly made and surfaces clear of all clutter and personal items will set us up for success.

  • Communicate your expectations. Let us know the number of rooms you would like photographed in the home and if necessary, approximate square footage of the entire home for planning purposes. Will you need exterior shots or images of the firepit or pool area? Be sure to share this with us so we can plan accordingly.

  • Create a "shot list" of rooms and any outstanding details/elements desired in each specific area. Share this via email or a phone call in advance of the shoot. Are there specific lighting fixtures, masonry work, specialty moldings, entryway, bar area or an interesting architectural element you’d like to feature? It’s easier to overshoot than need us to return for a missed shot.

  • If you have specific artwork you’d like hung for the shoot, consider using 3M or other removable mounting hooks (and consider the time it takes for a secure mount to be established).


At the photoshoot:

  • Before the shoot begins, plan for a walk through, right before the shoot or a day or two in advance if possible. This will allow for natural lighting, time of day, and general flow to be taken into account for a good plan. 

  • Ideally, you as a designer are present to relay your vision and ensure rooms are styled to your liking. Plan to style rooms ahead of time or work at least one room ahead of the photographer during the shoot.

  • If needed, having a few props on hand for styling (such as a variety of flowers, a clear bowl with lemons for the kitchen, sea sponge for the bathroom, special linens, etc.). Be prepared to be flexible and creative with the space to get the shot you want. Bring in color with fruit/vegatables/flowers/greenery. Bring in natural elements with wooden cutting boards and spoons, sea shells, books, and blankets, etc.

  • Don’t overlook the laundry room – often clients want a great photo of a laundry room, mudroom or closet. Unless these rooms are cleared out or carefully styled they can appear messy, so plan to keep the personal items to a minimum in these areas or remember to prep your client if these spaces will be photographed.

  • Colorful accents can bring a room to life in a photo (contrast colors can make a room pop – an orange vase in an otherwise serene blue room might lend some interest). Plan to stay true to your brand and vision.

  • Once a plan is established for the photoshoot, plan to prep one room ahead of the photographer – or ensure everything is well communicated if you will not be on site for the duration of the shoot.

  • Bring a basket! During the shoot, you may be moving personal items around that need to be put back (such as shampoo, soap, toothbrushes from a bathroom; or phone chargers, personal items from a dresser; clearing a coffee pot/toaster from a kitchen counter). Having a basket or small cart (watch the floors!) on hand to keep the items organized room to room as you go will make it easier to keep them out of the way of your shot, and also easily accessible to return items to their place of origin.

  • A step stool can also come in handy and a small kit of cleaning supplies (paper towels, glass and surface cleaner). While you may not need these things, it’s always easier to have them accessible.


After the photoshoot:

  • After the shoot, do a walkthrough of the home and rooms to ensure everything is put back the way you found it and lights are turned off.

  • A thank you note or flowers for your homeowner is a great gesture. We know that planning these photoshoots is more than just putting a date on the calendar for these special clients. Acknowledging their effort in our work is a great way to show them you care. 


We're Hiring!


We are growing! Over the past few years, Sarah and I have watched as we’ve had to pass along weddings to other photographers because I’ve been booked. SO, MGP is looking for a lead associate photographer to join our team. We’d love to offer our clients another option for a photographer and we need YOU to help! See below for the official job description.


 • A strong work ethic. You are able to work and problem solve independently. You are super responsible and thrive on working hard.

•You love creating photographs and have a natural eye or art background. You understand what’s needed to both photograph people and details with not only a creative eye, but perfect lighting.

 •You must have at least two years of experience photographing weddings.

•You understand both natural light and off camera flash.

•You are able to quickly manually adjust your camera settings while helping maintain balance from start to finish of a wedding day. You’re on point with exposure, focus, lighting, all while chatting with clients and moving the wedding day along giving clients the best experience possible.

• You are a people person and enjoy working with families and putting them at ease during a shoot.

• You value communication, feedback on your work, and want to contribute to the team.


 •This is a part-time subcontractor position. You must be available on the weekends to photograph weddings and willing to be vetted through the hiring process, which will include second shooting with Meghann as a second shooter rate at first. You must carry your own liability insurance and use your own equipment. Your camera must have dual memory card slots so all images are recorded twice while shooting.

•Compensation is highly competitive once you have fully taken the reigns and start shooting as your own photographer under MGP. You may also shoot under your own name and use the images for your portfolio. In the beginning, this may be a good position if you are looking to compliment your own wedding shooting calendar, but with the possibility to grow and take on more

 •There is an opportunity to grow with possible shoots during the week should you be the right fit for MGP.•If you love shooting, but hate running a business this is the perfect job for you! Our studio will handle all administration work, editing, and album design. You will be responsible for the day of shooting and speaking with clients prior to their wedding day to instill a connection with them.

•Weddings are not for everyone. Our ideal candidate will have a love for beautiful wedding photography, a warm personality, flexible schedule, positive attitude, and most importantly be RELIABLE.

If the above fits you, please send your portfolio (link to your website is fine), cover letter, and resume to We can’t wait to meet you and see how you can contribute to our team!